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KYOCERA Launches Its First Tablet ‘Qua tab 01’ in Japan

June 18, 2015

(This product is only available to the Japanese market.) Kyocera Corporation (President: Goro Yamaguchi) announced the launch of the 8-inch “Qua tab 01” Android™ tablet for the Japanese market. The product is part of KDDI’s new lineup announced last month. The Qua tab is a new waterproof*1 and dust-resistant*2 tablet that can be used both indoors and outdoors; and because the touchscreen allows for operation even with wet hands, it can be used in areas with water such as kitchens. The tablet corresponds to “au Sharing*3,” which supports users who also possess smartphones, by allowing remote operation of their smartphone screens through their tablets. In addition, “au Basic Home*4” allows customization of the home screen for easier usage based on the user’s preference, thus offering user-friendliness for first-time tablet users. The product is available in three colors: white, pink and navy

ModelQua tab 01

ColorsWhite, pink, navy

Sales CompaniesKDDI Corporation, Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company (Japan only)

Main Features1. Corresponds to “au Sharing” for smartphone usersThe Qua tab allows remote operation of the user’s smartphone screen via KDDI’s 4G network even when the devices are located in different places.

NotificationsNotifications on incoming calls, emails, SMS (short message service), etc. received by the smartphone are shown on the Qua tab. 

Link to smartphone screenBy displaying their smartphone screens on the Qua tab, users can return emails from the tablet and enjoy content from their smartphones with the tablet’s larger screen.

Continual viewingWeb sites viewed on the smartphone can be continually viewed on the Qua tab. In addition, pictures saved in the smartphone can be sent to the tablet to view on its larger screen.

2. Supports “au Basic Home,” which allows customization of the home screen based on the user’s preferencesFrequently used applications can be located on the home screen and customized according to the user's preferences. This enables an intuitive operation for users who are familiar with tablets as well as first-time tablet users.3. Fully-equipped performanceThe tablet is equipped with the latest Android 5.1 OS and an octa-core CPU, along with high-speed 4G LTE and WiMAX2+ data connections. Moreover, comfortable operation is realized through features such as a portable size and weight, beautiful 8-inch high-definition WUXGA display, and high-capacity memory. The tablet also supports expandable memory.Specifications

ColorWhite, pink, navy

Size (W×H×D) / WeightApprox. 125×214×7.9mm (provisional) / Approx. 298g (provisional)


Charging TimeUndergoing measurement

Continuous Standby TimeUndergoing measurement

Operating SystemAndroid 5.1

MemoryInternal memory: 2GB RAM / 16GB ROM External memory: microSD™, microSDHC™, microSDXC™ (up to 128GB)

Compatible Communication Standard4G LTE (supports carrier aggregation) / WiMAX2+

Maximum Communication SpeedReception: 150Mbps Transmission: 25Mbps

DisplayApprox. 8.0-inch WUXGA TFT LCD

CameraMain camera: Approx. 5-megapixel CMOS Front-facing camera: Approx. 2-megapixel CMOS

External ConnectionWi-Fi®: IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac Bluetooth®: Ver.4.1 Other external devices: Stereo earphone jack

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